The new Power Rangers movie is coming out March 24th! The movie stars notable actors such as Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, and Bill Hader. With that being said, once the movie comes out, Power Ranger tech and toys will be up for grabs! Here are some of items you will want to get for yourself or your children.  

Power Rangers Cell Phone Cases

The easiest way for adults and teens to show their fandom for Power Rangers is by getting a cell phone case! Zazzle has some great choices to choose from! Have a favorite Power Ranger? You can get a cell phone case for your iPhone of your Power Ranger’s uniform! The blue ranger is my favorite! Want a more modern phone cover? You can get a cell phone case that says, “Stay Calm and Morph.” The prices range from about $35 to $48.

Red Ranger Sound Effects Mask

Who doesn’t want to be the Red Ranger! This sound effects mask looks like the real deal! The mask not only makes battle sound effects but includes phrases from the movie coming out! It is also very comfortable to wear with the inside eye pad. This is perfect for any young man! It may even impress his friends! This mask is recommended for use for children ages four and above.

Red Ranger Power Sword

Now, if you are going to be the Red Ranger, you must have the Red Ranger Sword! This sword is cool for many reasons. First, it makes sounds and lights up. Second, you can play in two different modes: Training and Battle. In Battle Mode, while you play you will hear battle noises from the film! In Training Mode, you will learn from the Red Ranger the skills it takes to use his sword! How cool! With the Red Ranger Sword and Mask, you child will be ready to battle monsters. This toy is available at Toys R Us for $30.

Interactive Megazord with Rangers Mini Action Figures

While playing Power Rangers, you have to have Megazord to battle the villains! Available at Toys R Us, is an interactive megazord with Power Rangers mini action figures. This toy includes eight features any kid will enjoy! They include: five cockpits for the Power Rangers, flight and battle sounds, expandable wings, light up head and feet, cannon and sword, and light up Morph Grid. This item costs $59.99 online.

Power Rangers Video Games

There are so many Power Rangers video games to choose from! On March 23rd, the Powers Rangers Legacy Wars video game will be released! The game will be compatible with most Android and iOS devices. Recently released was a teaser for the game which doesn’t give much insight. It just shows how the Power Rangers will look and that you will be able to battle monsters/villains. You can pre-register for the game so you are the first person to get it!

Interesting in more of the old school Power Rangers? Available on Wii is the Power Rangers Samurai game! In this game, the Rangers use their powers and Ninja skills to battle enemies to move to different locations. Available for the Nintendo 3DS is the Power Rangers Super Megaforce game. In this game, the Power Rangers are safe on Earth when the evil Prince Vekar has plans to destroy it! The Rangers must collect keys and abilities in order to become a Super Megaforce Ranger! All of these video games are great choices!

Hurry and get these Power Rangers tech and toys and movie tickets of course. So, when the film comes out March 24th, make sure to enjoy it with your friends and family!